Kathy Gomes Freikert Memorial Cutting...August 20, 2016_Vintage Cutting Horse Assoiciation, August Event at Petaluma RIding and Driving Club

Come cut in the beautiful heart of Sonoma County’s wine country. Show your horse where the weather is mild, the cows are good, the ground is soft, and the company is superior. Join our clinics and mini series to practice, show, and win! We offer events year round, both on and off your trusty steeds. With an array of clinicians and judges, there is always something new to be learned and implemented in and out of the show pen. Don’t forget to sign up for our FRESH and rerun cattle classes held throughout each show! Hope to see you all soon!



Vintage Cutting Horse Assoc. September 17th Cutting at Petaluma Riding and Driving Club

2019 VCHA Show Series

May 18th (Sat.) POSTPONED to Aug. 3rd

June 15th (Sat.)

July 20th (Sat.) 

August 3rd (Sat.) 

August 17th (Sat.) 

September 21st (Sat.)

2019 Show Results

VCHA show rules, show results and year end standings can be found by clicking on the “shows” tab.



Vintage Cutting Horse Assoc. September 17th Cutting at Petaluma Riding and Driving Club

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VCHA Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting

October 19th, 6pm

Legends at Bennett Valley in Santa Rosa

Note to membership – if you are NOT receiving electronic newsletters or email alerts, and you provided us your email address: Please contact the media chair at vchacutting@gmail.com, to ensure the legibility of your email address.  If you are a lifetime member, or if you’ve changed your email address, please remember to contact Media Chair.

We truly wish to keep in touch!

President’s message for October 2019:

Dear Members & Sponsors,

Our next event is our Annual Awards Banquet, Membership meeting and Board Election.  This will be held October 19th at Legends at the Bennett Valley Golf Course.  Please be sure to RSVP for the awards banquet, and send your ballots in.  There will be extra ballots at the event if needed.

You may have noticed on your ballot that there are not currently enough people running for the Board to create a full board.  We are currently looking for an additional 3 members to run for Board positions.  If you are interested in running, you may contact me directly at 707-338-0872 to be added to the ballot, or we can accept nominations from the floor.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!  Your club needs you.  I have been a member of this Board for 5 years, and it has been a most rewarding experience.  You will serve as part of a team that is keeping our western tradition and heritage alive in Sonoma County.  It is one meeting a month plus our show and playdays, and a little bit of follow up in between.  Our By-Laws state that our Board consist of 9 members.  We cannot operate outside the rules of our By-Laws without jeopardizing our non-profit status.  Last year we barely squeaked by with 9 members.  What I am saying is, if we do not have 9 members on the Board, we cannot do business and VCHA will not be able to conduct business.  What that means is there will be no shows, no playdays or practices.  Please consider running for a Board position. 

We also need Silent Auction items at our Awards Banquet.  Please contact Heidi Thompson if you have an item to donate.  Any item can go into our auction.  Horse related products of course, but also beauty products, home décor, jewelry, etc can be in the auction. Also baked goods!  We’ve had a lot of fun with the friendly but fierce bidding for the baked goods in our auction the last few years.  Items can be dropped off to a board member or brought to the event. Please let Heidi know ahead of time if you plan on brining an item directly to the banquet as that greatly helps us with planning and organization for that night.  100% of the proceeds from this auction will go toward our Awards for next year.

We are still accepting applications for the Kathy Feickert Memorial Scholarship.  If you know of a youth whose life has been affected by cancer, and has a love for horses, this could be a great way to help them.  Please see the flyer/application in the newsletter and website for more information. We will be accepting applications and awarding monies for this until funds are depleted.

As I mention every month, sponsor support is instrumental to our awards program.  If you would like to sponsor VCHA please feel free to contact myself or any Board Member.

I can never stress enough my thanks as your President and fellow club member, to you all for your ongoing support of VCHA.


April Alianza

VCHA President 2019

Board Meeting – 

1st Wednesday of every month @ 6:00pm

Location:  Mary’s Pizza, McDowell Blvd., Petaluma

Members are always welcome


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