Kathy Gomes Freikert Memorial Cutting...August 20, 2016_Vintage Cutting Horse Assoiciation, August Event at Petaluma RIding and Driving ClubCome cut in the beautiful heart of Sonoma County’s wine country. Show your horse where the weather is mild, the cows are good, the ground is soft, and the company is superior. Join our clinics and mini series to practice, show, and win! We offer events year round, both on and off your trusty steeds. With an array of clinicians and judges, there is always something new to be learned and implemented in and out of the show pen. Don’t forget to sign up for our FRESH and rerun cattle classes held throughout each show! Hope to see you all soon!


Vintage Cutting Horse Assoc. September 17th Cutting at Petaluma Riding and Driving Club

Our 2017 shows are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, May through October at PRDC.  Click here for our show flyer

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Vintage Cutting Horse Assoc. September 17th Cutting at Petaluma Riding and Driving Club

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2012 VIntage Cutting Horse Association Show June 16, 2012 Petaluma Riding and Driving Club

CLICK HERE – for June’s photo gallery from John O’Hara Photography

Entry Information – we now have an email address to accept entries – vintagecuttingshow@gmail.com – our entry line will also accept entries, click on our show tab for complete information on how to enter our shows.

Note to membership – if you are NOT receiving electronic newsletters or email alerts, and you provided us your email address: Please contact April Alianza at vchacutting@gmail.com,  our 2016 Media chair to ensure the legibility of your email address.  If you are a lifetime member, or if you’ve changed your email address, please remember to contact Media Chair.

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Dear Members & Sponsors,

Our first show of the season is successfully behind us and even though it was on the small side, it was a great day and ran smoothly.  I would like to thank everyone who participated in this show for their hard work and support of VCHA – we welcome Domenick Weaver as our announcer and 2017 VCHA voice – I am completely confident in Dom’s ability to continue to move our club forward in a positive manor which will be evident in all our future shows. “Thank You” to Debbie Pardini and Stacey Powers for their help with getting Dom squared away and comfortable in the announcer’s booth.  Lance Hagge and Gerry Saldana have been hired for set up and take down of our show pen. Their hard work was a tremendous asset to us as it freed up some of our board members to complete other tasks. I would like to also thank the PRDC Jr. team for providing a great lunch and to the PRDC club for the venue. The PRDC grounds were clean and prepared for us, thanks to earlier work parties that were organized to ensure a professional show venue.  Another thank you to PRDC for the great new cattle pen gates that made for a very efficient show. Thanks to Bob Giannecchini for the use of his tractor and implement. Our arena ground was great and held up well throughout the show. Big thanks to our judge Alex Long and our photographer John O’Hara.  I am very relieved that they are both OK after the small train wreck that occurred.  I can do without repeating that one again please! I would like to thank Gary Long, Art Grunig, Cassie Comella, Heidi Thompson, Carla Hagge and all our herd holders and turn back help that worked all day in the show pen to ensure our participants had enough help. Thank you to my entire Board: April, Lynda Bell, Carolyn, Lori, Gary, Steve, Carla and Heidi – their dedication to this club shows!  And finally, thank you to Gabe DeTar for supplying our cattle.

Our June show will be held on Saturday, June 17 AND Sunday, June 18 – we welcome Mike Bakey as our judge.  These will be shows #2 and #3 of our mini- series.  You are not required to show both days.  You may show either or both days.  We are trying this new format out this year since our points were so close last year and we had to cancel October’s show due to rain.  If you need overnight stalls, please let me know ASAP and we will work on securing accommodations for your horses.  We are holding a BBQ are at PRDC on Saturday evening June 17th as a fun get together between the two shows.  I am very much looking forward to this fun VCHA weekend.

Dedicated to the longevity of the VCHA


Eric Alianza, 2017 President

BOARD MEETINGS are  @ 6:00pm –



June:  Kit Simmie’s Residence

July: Stacey Power’s Residence

August:  Gary Long’s Residence